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What Motivated My Decision to Begin Groww Investing ?
Many individuals in India are facing financial challenges. They frequently make common financial mistakes, such as borrowing too much money, increasing their spending as their income rises, not grasping how money grows with time, confusing insurance with investments, purchasing stocks based on others’ advice, struggling to comprehend credit card mechanisms, lacking appropriate insurance coverage for their health and future, failing to set aside funds for unexpected expenses, and struggling to differentiate between valuable assets and mere costs.
Regrettably, these fundamental financial concepts are rarely covered in school curricula. Instead of actively seeking to understand these principles, people often leave their financial well-being to chance. When confronted with difficult times, they tend to express, “Life is challenging.

About Me

I hail from a traditional middle-class family where investing in stocks was often regarded as a risky form of gambling. The prevailing wisdom was that you’d likely lose all your hard-earned money. “It’s too risky,” they cautioned.
In our household, the only investments deemed ‘safe’ were gold, real estate, or fixed deposits. However, what many fail to realize is that gold merely keeps pace with inflation; it doesn’t make you wealthy. Real estate, on the other hand, demands a substantial upfront capital, making it an impractical option for most. Consequently, many people find themselves ensnared in the 30-year home loan cycle. And as for fixed deposits, they are essentially a futile investment—utterly ineffective.
From a young age, we were instilled with the notion that we should trade our time for a living until our children are old enough to fend for us in our old age. Our offspring become our retirement plan, and our parents serve as our emergency fund. However, I’ve always approached life with a different perspective. I relish the exploration of knowledge and question everything from a broader standpoint.
When I stumbled upon the concept of compounding, I was utterly astounded, particularly when it came to its application in the stock market. It’s a potent force capable of shaping your financial well-being over the long haul. It’s disheartening that many people overlook the tremendous benefits it can offer due to their lack of knowledge and indifference.
The second awe-inspiring aspect of life for me is the Internet and the power of words. It’s truly captivating how a few well-chosen words can alter someone’s life forever. You can connect with individuals from distant corners of the world, people you’ve never met and likely never will, yet you can communicate with them and share your thoughts as if you were lifelong friends.
Hence, the concept of Invest Mindset was born. This platform is designed for individuals who are eager to master the art of managing money, investing wisely, cultivating an ever-expanding Invest Mindset, and delving into everything that aids them in achieving genuine financial freedom, tranquility, happiness, and a worry-free life.
I devour any knowledge that falls into my hands, with a particular penchant for literature on investing, corporate finance, history, psychology, and philosophy. Reading is my passion, and I make it a point to dedicate a few hours each day to this pursuit.
Imagine reaching your 60s and still depending on your children to cover your expenses. All this while you had a career spanning over four decades, ample free time, access to the internet, free learning resources, and all the necessary tools to expand your knowledge and grow. I couldn’t fathom such a scenario, which is why I took some calculated risks that have paid off. Drawing from my experiences, I firmly believe that the world is in a constant state of flux, and cultivating an invest mindset, rather than adhering to a fixed one, is now essential for leading a happy life, or at the very least, retiring with contentment.